The FUTECH Journal welcomes work with significant impact and broad readership on outstanding science and technology topics such as, but not restricted to:

  • Computer and Information Technologies (hardware, complex processing techniques, user interface technologies, networking technologies, software, web-based technologies, developing and maintaining databases, the Internet and web development, computer-aided design (CAD), engineering graphics, and computer-aided engineering (CAE), data mining, etc.)
  • Financial Technologies (blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in finance, cryptocurrencies regulation, financial innovation, entrepreneurship, startup funding, digital and mobile banking, mobile wallets, cybersecurity, consumer data protection, digital supply chain management, etc.)
  • Quantum technologies (quantum information processing, quantum communication, quantum metrology, quantum lithography, etc.)
  • Innovations in Materials Processing (casting, forming, and machining, etc.), Development (nanomaterials, porous materials, etc.), and Applications (transportation sector, electronics, etc.)
  • Sustainability and Construction Technologies (construction materials technologies, structure design, maintenance and rehabilitation, smart city and infrastructural development, etc.)
  • Environmental Technologies (technologies related to environmental monitoring, model and conserve, etc.)