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The Future Technology (FUTECH) Journal (ISSN 2832-0379) is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal focusing on emerging scientific and technological trends and is published quarterly online by Future Publishing LLC.

The FUTECH Journal aims to be a leading platform and a comprehensive source of information related to the science and technology infrastructures that ensure a sustainable world. The multi-disciplinary FUTECH Journal covers research in Financial Technologies, Computer science, Quantum technologies, Environmental technologies, Biotechnologies, Electrical, Mechanical, Aerospace, Chemical, and Industrial Engineering.

The peer-reviewed open-access FUTECH Journal is steered by a distinguished editorial board and supported by an international reviewer team, including outstanding professors and researchers from prominent institutes and universities worldwide. The FUTECH Journal aims to provide an advanced forum for technological investigations to both technology researchers and professionals in related disciplines.


Benefits of publishing in FUTECH Journal:

  • "Future Technology" Editorial board members are professional authors and researchers. 

  • The publication process is quick (less than two weeks).

  • It is currently free of charge (no processing fee).

  • "Future Technology" is an open-access Journal, and everyone can download the published papers and read them free of charge.

  • The published papers will be sent to professionals in various technology fields in an email campaign that helps the published papers to be viewed, considered, or cited by various researchers.

  • A unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) will be dedicated to the published articles, and they will be indexed in various databases.

  • Easy submission process. You can also email your paper to the Journal (


Volume 1 (May - November 2022)

Call for Papers - Volume 02 | Issue 01



Future Technology (FUTECH) Journal provides Rapid Open Access Publication for the submitted research papers.

FUTECH is a blind peer-review journal, so only high-quality research works are published.

November 2022 Issue
Volume 1, Number : 3
August 11, 2022
Current Issue

Vol. 2 No. 1 (2023): February 2023 Issue

Future Technology (FUTECH) Journal's first issue in 2023 explores insightful topics involving recent development in technology throughout the world. 

Published: September 8, 2022

Physicochemical properties of wastewater effluents from selected wastewater treatment plants

62-70 Hüseyin Gökçekuş, Yousef Kassem, Augustine Gbollie George, Ruth Filla Morrison

Steel pipeline for the hydrogen storage and delivery: metallurgical viewpoint for Finnish ecosystem

58-61 Vahid Javaheri

Hundred percent renewable wastewater treatment plant: techno-economic assessment using a ret screen, case study Syria

46-57 Huseyin Gokcekus, Yousef Kassem, Momoh Ndorbor Mason, James M. Selay

The first international conference on sustainable energy, blockchain, and cryptocurrency (SEBC-2022)

13-45 Sarah White

Climate change, water resources, and wastewater reuse in Cyprus

1-12 Hüseyin Gökçekuş, Youssef Kassem, Marcus P. Quoigoah, Prisca Nashon Aruni
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