Based on the Future Publishing policy, the submitted manuscripts must be original. It means that the articles should not be submitted to other journals. Also, the sentences used to write the manuscripts cannot be copied from other published or unpublished articles. If a plagiarism case is found, the authors will be added to the blacklist of the Future publisher, and these authors will not be able to publish articles in all the journals of the Future publisher.

Duplicate Submission

If the journal finds that the manuscript has been submitted or published elsewhere the manuscript will be rejected and the manuscript's authors will be added to the publisher's blacklist. If the authors used their data of published article(s) or article(s) that are under review to write a new manuscript, they must be properly cited and indicated that what is its novelty exactly. 

Citation Manipulation

If the author(s) cite some unnecessary references to increase the number of a particular author(s) or journal(s) citations, it can be a citation manipulation infraction. In this case, the author(s) will be added to the publisher’s blacklist.

Data Fabrication and Falsification

If we find that a manuscript has been written based on the falsified or fabricated experimental data, including the manipulation of images, the author(s) will be added to the publisher’s blacklist.