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Renewable energy is becoming more apparent as a key solution to climate change, energy challenges, and economic challenges. As a result of the abundance of solar irradiance, photovoltaic power generation remains one of the most promising energy sources. Despite the wide spectrum of solar irradiance, PV solar cells are only able to convert a small part of it into electricity. The remainder of the spectrum is lost as heat waste, which increases the temperature of the PV panels. As the temperature rises, both the efficiency and lifespan of solar PV panels are reduced. To mitigate the aforementioned issue, thermoelectric generators (TEGs) are used in conjunction with solar PV systems. A TEG is a device that converts thermal energy (heat) into electricity based on the thermoelectric effect caused by a temperature gradient across the thermoelectric module. This paper presents an overview of studies on hybrid PV-TEG systems. In addition to hybrid PV-TEG systems, PV and TEG systems are briefly described. PV-TEG systems are compared with individual PV systems in terms of their major operational parameters, including temperature and power generation efficiency. Finally, an update on recent developments in PV-TEG systems is provided.


Hybrid PV-TEG PV TEG Heat sink Wick Phase change material

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Zamanipour, Z., Thallapelly, S. K. ., & Sanjari Pirmahalleh, S. M. . (2024). Advances in the performance of hybrid photovoltaic-thermoelectric generators: a review. Future Technology, 3(3), 1–11. Retrieved from
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