Future Technology (FUTECH) Journal's first issue explores insightful topics involving recent development in technology throughout the world. 

Published: March 24, 2022

Alternatives to lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles

33-34 A K M Rubaiyat Reza Habib, Karyssa Butler

Sustainable energy and digital currencies: challenges and future prospect

26-32 Seyed Ehsan Hosseini, Hesam Kamyab

New evidence on credit channel of monetary policy transmission in India

14-25 Mohammad Farajnezhad, Durrishah Idrus, Mani Shehni Karam Zadeh

How do drones facilitate human life?

07-13 Gerardo Antonio Urdaneta, Christopher Meyers, Lauren Rogalski

Application of machine learning in flood forecasting

01-06 Mehrsa Bayat, Omid Tavakkoli