FUEN's first issue in 2024 explores insightful topics involving sustainable energy potentials in the world. 

Published: April 16, 2023

A review of the integration of the copper-chlorine cycle with other systems for hydrogen production

June 25, 2023
Mehdi Aliehyaei, Moein Shamoushaki, Hamed Afshari, Mamdouh El Haj Assad

Review of different vertical axis wind turbine modeling methods

May 7, 2023
Siavash Gitifar, Rahim Zahedi, Saba Ziaie, Amir Mohammad Mirzaei, Mohammad Mahdi Forootan

Simulation and modeling of the possibility of implementing solar high-concentrating photovoltaic in Libya

May 5, 2023
Ali Maka, Mohamed Alatrash, Tarik Ghalut

Comparative analysis of power consumption time series in deprived and developed regions of Iran

April 27, 2023
Masoud Safarishaal

Technical feasibility study of the integration of the solar photovoltaic system for a hospital: a case study of Qom City, Iran

April 16, 2023
Amirhossein Refahi, Hossein Talkhabi, Abolfazl Rostami, Abolfazl Hajizadeh Aghdam