Future Technology (FUTECH) Journal's second issue explores insightful topics involving recent development in technology throughout the world. 

Published: June 4, 2022

A review of phase change materials (PCMs) in electronic device cooling applications

36-45 Zuhanee Khan

Towards fossil-free fuels in sustainable powertrain; alcohol-fueled low-temperature combustion (LTC)

34-35 Ayat Gharehghani, Amin Mahmoudzadeh Andwari

Environmental and economic comparison of hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric vehicles

25-33 A K M Rubaiyat Reza Habib, Karyssa Butler

Water footprint assessment of animal-based and plant-based products in Iran

18-24 Youssef Kassem, Hüseyin Gökçekuş, Javad Karimi Kouzehgarani

Impact of five important factors on restaurant performance and hospitality management: an empirical analysis of technological innovation

1-17 Arian Amidi, Ehsan Darvishmoghaddam, Ashkan Razmfarsa, Rafidah Binti Othman